bass done 004Here at Wounder Rig we do fiberglass and gelcoat repair. Boats are our biggest business but we have worked on tractor cabs, buses, campers, slides, ladders, hot tubs, motorcycles, awnings, gun stocks, water tanks, diving boards, airplane parts, lawn decorations, signs, semi trucks, lawn mower hoods, fountains, sleds, a fiberglass pig, a big goose, remote control toys, and a bass fiddle. Once I fixed a pet turtles broken shell.

If its fiberglass we can fix it. We replace transoms. We can replace the carpet in your boat and on your trailer. We can sand, buff and glaze your boat to a factory finish. Install keel guards and recessed foot controls. If you don’t see what you need done here just call me, if we don’t do it I can most likely refer you to someone that does.

P.S. – We don’t work on turtles any more.